We can find endless touristic attractions in the south of Mexico City, such as the cobbled streets found in San Angel and Coyoacan. You can also find museums or natural wonders like the gutters from the former Lake of Texcoco.


The legacy of the ancient indigenous people. Enjoy the picturesque ride across it’s’ gutters using a colorful “trajinera” (Xochimilco colorful boats) these areas are the remnants from the former Lake of Texcoco.


Discover this very Mexican incredible magical district. Full of temples, old manors, colonial squares, marketplaces, museums and handcrafts. Wander through the cobbled streets and Mexican taverns.

University city-UNAM

A museum city. Cherish David Alfaro Siqueiros´ murals in the Rectory Tower, Juan O’ Gorman’s in the Main Library and Diego Rivera’s in the Olympic Stadium.


UNAM University´s contemporary Art Museum. Inside its´14 halls, we can find displayed representative works of all the artistic movements in Mexico since the second half of the XX century all the way until now.

Frida Kahlo museum-The Blue House

Go inside the intimate world of Frida Kahlo. Cross the halls, the rooms, the studios and the gardens where the artist lived; first during her youth and later on her final days along with her husband Diego Rivera.

Siqueiros´ Polyforum

Admire “La marcha de la humanidad” mural that covers all the walls and roofs of David Alfaro Siqueiro´s legacy.

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