The following airlines will offer special discounts for the
attendees of Food Tech 2020.

Select the airline of your interest to see the special rates.


Valid from ….. .. through .. 2020

Fly from:
Asia, Canada, Caribean, Europe, Latin America and USA to Mexico City

•Discounts apply 12%  Q,T,E,N,R., 10%  U,K,H,L., 05%  J,C,D.
*In Class: I,Y,B,M non
•International Flight discount all the rest of the world except, México & USA  10%  J,C,Y,B,M., 05%  D,I,U,K,H,L,Q., 3% .
*S,E,N, non apply discount.
Does not apply on share code flights.

All tickets should be book and purchased at Aeromexico Ticket Offices or Call Center (Only USA : 1-800-237-6639).
To apply please show your registration.

Additional Information:
•The discount applies when the ticket is issued.
•Interested to present Letter / Invitation / Date of registration.
•In almost if a change of date or schedule is made, the exchange charges corresponding to the tariff regulation will be applied, as well as the difference of the rate in case the original reserved class does not exist.

Discount Code: XXXX
Event Number: XXXX

Valid from ….. .. through .. 2020

Fly from:
Canadá, USA and Latin America to Mexico City

•Domestic 10%
• International 10%
The discount is based on the rate available at the time of purchase in the last 30 days prior to the event, for reservation go to and follow the instructions, pay on line with credit card.

•Applications for events will be received at least 60 days prior to the event without exception.
•Interjet provides through Congresses, Events and Conventions the 10% discount ON THE AIRCRAFT PORTION OF THE TICKET to the attendees.
•The discount applies to the base rate of the Optima and Priority families that is available at the time of purchase, (“i” Rate does not apply).
•Your event will be discharged 30 days prior to the date of the event at: and attendees will be able to purchase their travel tickets only with the promotion code that we will send to you.
•The only way to pay is by credit card. 1.6 Attendees will be able to travel with flexibility in the trip of 3 days before the event start date DURING THE EVENT DATES and 3 days after the event end date.
• They will be able to travel with their discount of all the cities that have destiny the city SEDE of the event.
•Attendees will be able to choose the schedule, date and departure airport that suits them best. 1.9 The discount does NOT apply to other promotions.

Download the air discounts guide